Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bicycle, camera, action.

It's been hot and dry here for the past few days, and that brings the mountain bikers out of hibernation. It's been great up there on the North Shore. Paul took some photos on Tuesday night, and Krista and I got out for an afternoon ride yesterday. It's hard to take decent photos on the Shore as there's not much light... but I experimented with using a really fast ISO setting on my newly repaired camera and got some sharp, but grainy, photos. I quite like them...

Krista on Upper Oil Can

Me on a rock

Krista on the same rock

On an unrelated note, my apartment is looking a bit more like someone (well, 2 people to be exact) lives in it these days. Two people, 9 bikes, 7 pairs of skis, 2 kayaks, 5 paddles, a fairly respectable bike workshop, and my office... all in a 700 sqft concrete box. Take the tour here.