Monday, February 27, 2017

The things

I have been blog-absent lately. Here is a selection of stuff that probably happened in the meantime.
Duncan and Emma came to visit, and Tav enjoys running towards any camera that get pointed anywhere near him.
We introduced our visitors to what passes for fun around here. Duncan got to enjoy one of the best weeks of fatbiking conditions we've had all season - and we made good use of it.
We went skiing, not only at Silver Star, but also at Revelstoke.  I haven't done much skiing in an actual ski resort in years, and Duncan hadn't done any skiing at all in even longer. It turns out to be fun - and to allow the striking of poses such as this.

And this.

And later....

We went to Mazama for Family Day and Tav held the whole world in his hand.

I got to go skiing on "Driveway Bute" with Chris, Kala, Paul and Angie. It was great to be back in the mountains for a day - and the conditions rewarded us.

And finally - I'll just leave this here...

P.S. I managed another slightly sub-winning performance at the Frosty Fox Fatbike Festival this weekend, which featured the truly excellent "dual catastrophe" format in one of the races. Here's Ricardo and Jacob in the final showing how it's done.

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