Saturday, January 4, 2014

The beginning and the end

The year may have just begun, but the fun's over. Fortunately the last morning in La Push and the journey home were very pretty (and a bit cold).

Frosty logs. That's a sign that it's cold.

This is the international symbol for "too cold for SUP".

Lina the SUPper and James the Island.

Mt Baker rampant over Port Townsend, and a conveniently aesthetic sailing boat.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

La Push

Second beachSecond beach waveSecond beach stackAnother selfie the world doesn't needLog pileStack
Second beachLina's driftwood collectionBeach foolsBeach jugglingLina and sea stacksLina's last wave of the day
Sea stacksMe, on the beachMe in my special hatThird beach dawnThird beach dawnThird beach at new year's dawn
Everyone loves logSometimes when you press the wrong button on the photo-editing software, the effect is interesting.

La Push New Year 2013/14, a set on Flickr.

The name of the place we're in now is allegedly all because English-speaking people couldn't pronounce "La Bouche" as so the town here at the river's mouth ended up "La Push". Luckily, the beach naming conventions were more translation friendly - first beach, second beach, and... well, you get it.

There have been fireworks, logs, waves, and men in non-ironic cowboy clothing. God bless America, and happy 2014.