Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What could possibly go wrong?

This weekend, plans are afoot for what's turning into a pretty comical bike trip. Lina is in Victoria on a wilderness first aid course with a bike, my panniers, a tarp, a fleece blanket, and various other first-aid related gear. I am in Vancouver with a bike, some very small panniers, a set of tent poles, some string, and a sense of adventure.

We are hoping to put all these things together and ride back to Vancouver over the weekend across some hippy gulf islands. This will involve a lot of ferries, inventing some kind of tent, and camping in a garden center. We should catch the market in Ganges (you have to love the name... the other town on Saltspring is called Versuvius. I am not joking). I am hoping for fine cakes and tie-dye hemp shawls.

The rough plan can be seen... here.