Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring in Penticton

It's become some kind of tradition (well, we did it last year) to go to Penticton in the spring, ride our bikes, climb, eat, drink, and enjoy the sunshine. It's also become some kid of Fig Rolls Racing "training camp". I'm not sure quite what the all triathletes in Penticton training for Iron Man would think of our training camp, but at least we wear matching shirts (some times).

Three Fig Rolls, and a Steed Cyclist.

When we arrived the Shriners parade was setting up. There's nothing quite like a huge group of guys wearing fez hats... riding motorised beer coolers and other assorted weird things. I've no idea what was going on, but they seemed to be having a great time.  For us, there were long dusty rides, fast trails, grippy rock... and a cold lake. Sitting up by the campfire by the lake each night before we all fell asleep is a pretty nice way to end a day of biking and climbing. Paul and Angie came over and joined us for s night too... rode some trails and climbed some rocks. They wisely checked out the farmer's market too. I'll have to remember that for next time.

Marc in the shadows. Nothing to do with Cliff Richard.
Nikki on some fine singletrack.

Lina on her way down from a climb.

There are more of my photos here. Also... on the winter trips to Nelson and Sorcerer Lodge, we ended up playing a kind of "Chinese whispers" game with words and pictures. I won't even try to explain why it's called "Poopy Cat". You can see the results of our efforts here.