Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bicycle parenting

Literature informs me that helicopter parenting is very popular these days. We don't have a helicopter, so we use bicycles instead. It seems to be working out so far.

Imprinting of the subject begins early. "Tav - this is one bicycle. You will always need more bicycles than this".

Then we do some sinister "look into the light" stuff.

...add some brand awareness

Have a snack break. Incidentally, how much do want a suit like Tav's? Yes, I know.

Then we all laugh like James Bond villains. I don't know why.

More weird dark-place symbolism.

And to finish the day off right, we carry the child across a very tall and highly flammable antiquated structure. Hooray! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkin Rail

Things that have happened recently include:

Thanksgiving - that was fun, but I didn't take any photos, so in internet terms it didn't happen. Things I didn't do included riding bikes, eating food, and playing with The Tav. One of those things didn't used to happen at Thanksgiving, can you guess which?

Painted some things in the kitchen - but I didn't take any pictures of that either, and I expect the world is beyond weary of pictures of our kitchen by now.

We (all three of us) went on a bike ride - oh yes we did. We explored Vernon's hottest new public amenity, the Okanagan Rail Trail. In my past life, I would have been sub-lukewarm about the prospect of riding my bike on an old railway line, but now I'm all over it. Family fun times abound:

Although my nonchalant leaning looks staged, I was legitimately nonchalant at that moment. So there.

Two of three family members being propelled by a bike.

One family member wasn't really engaging in the natural wonders of the Okanagan,
but did seem to be enjoying it in his own way.

Then we went to a pumpkin patch. The family fun times really did kick up a notch this weekend. I was unfamiliar with pumpkin patches, but quickly learned that it's a large area of mud with pumpkins in it. Amazing. You do at least get pulled there by a vintage tractor, so that was fun.

Tav sizing up his lunch.

More edibles

By next year, Tav might be worth five bucks.