Sunday, June 7, 2009

All that glitters, is not gold.

After what I thought might be my only podium-finish (possibly) ever in Snow to Surf... I seem to have done better already. Lina and I got Silver in the Round Bowen Island Challenge kayak race. Frankly, it was very painful, and I'm not sure it's really my thing. But you can't argue with a frilly red rosette for your troubles eh?

Also, in geek-update, I swapped a pair of bike wheels for an Azus Eee PC... which has inroduced me to several things... including a very small keyboard, Linux, and having a computer I don't need a wheelbarrow to carry. I will now be Skyping and emailing from all over the place. This is a good thing since I am independently employed these days. I can work from anywhere with WiFi. Nice.

Phew... we made it.