Sunday, February 20, 2011

Digging for turns

I just got back from a week up at the Durand Glacier Chalet... where Lina is the teacher at the Durrand Glacier School of Higher Education (class size:1, soon expanding to 2). It's an amazing place up there, and lends itself to some unconventional PE lessons.

The deal was that in return for shifting snow from the heli-pad and walkways, plus doing various other useful chores, I could ski with the guests (as long as the shoveling got done). The first 5 days it snowed... a lot. This meant deep powder for skiing, and strenuous mornings and evening of shoveling. Luckily, I got to drive a snow blower to clear some of it, though there was a lot to be done using these types of things. I still managed to get out skiing 3 of these days, and then the weather gave us a break... meaning a couple more days of little snow-removal and fantastic skiing.

Ski-touring step 1 - go up.

Step 2 - go down again.

Step 3 - appreciate your work. 
More photos here.