Tuesday, August 27, 2019

August photo jumble

This month has featured camping in Revelstoke, riding bikes at Silver Star, pouring concrete in our front yard, assembling a new/old chariot hauling bike, at the 10th Kal Classic. Those things looked like this:

August photo roundup

Monday, July 8, 2019

Start 'em young

Saturday, June 29, 2019

It's Just Grass 2

Join Tav and I on another adventure through the wilds of Kal Park...

It's just grass 2_Medium from Andrew Dye on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Noisy neighbours

Together with other like-minded individuals (almost half of whom were under the age of 4) we invaded Dodd Island in the Broken Group.

We're not there anymore, so it's now safe to visit if you're looking for some peace and quiet.
  Broken Group Islands 2019

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Spring randoms

Things going on around these parts include:

- Digging a large hole in our front garden, having some difficulty figuring out exactly what needed to go in it, but finally making some progress

- Camping, in a proper tent and not a wooden box on wheels

- More adventurous electric car driving (without getting stuck anywhere... yet)

- Getting used to it becoming quite warm

On the topic of electric car driving (which is a thing we do now) - it's great. Though to my great disappointment Vernon didn't make the top 10 cities for electric car charging infrastructure, I haven't managed to find a reason to use a public charger yet anyway. Tav and I went for a weekend camping trip to Penticton in it a few weeks ago, and even with a bit of superfluous driving around we didn't run out of electrons. This weekend the whole gang made a similar trip all the way to Naramata with two bikes and a paddleboard on the roof. We did cheat and plug it into a wall socket overnight with the tragically slow charger that came with the car and has lurked in the trunk ever since, like a rubbery-smelling and horribly deformed snake. It turns out it does work (very slowly) and meant we arrived at home with some kilometers left in the bank.

Some day we'll go on a trip where en-route charging is required, which will no doubt be exhilarating and potentially unsuccessful. I'm thinking Revelstoke should push us over the limit - and there is even a charger half way, and once you get there. May the electromotive force be with us for that one...

Spring randoms

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Bunny Ears

As we speed towards summer like a rampant (probably literal if the past few years are anything to go by) wildfire , it's time to take a few minutes to enjoy the springing of spring.

For the Easter long weekend we eloped with our trailer to the exotic climes of Kelowna, where the soothing sound of generators and people who still listen to Guns n' Roses non-ironically wafted through the forest on the spring breeze. We were joined by Vancouver friends who braved the long weekend traffic to come to our corner of the middle (if indeed a corner can be in the middle) of BC.

It was great to catch up with folks, ride some familiar trails, some unfamiliar ones involving predictable misadventure, and have a refreshing new view of how crowded campgrounds can still be fun through Tav and Aiste. It turns out a pile of leftover sand from building new toilets has A-grade fun potential.

Between then and now, I went to Bellingham ('merica) with an ensemble of similarly middle-aged mountain bikers from Vernon. Among other unexpected (and some expected) adventures, we almost get into trouble with an unreasonable park ranger. Thankfully, our bacon was saved by some kids with a loud exhaust on their Mazda proving more tempting prey to Ranger Bob than a bunch of sweaty, foreign mountain bikers who parked in the wrong place. Thank you, loud exhaust kids - whoever you are.

Most recently of all, Tav went to his first soccer practice. I'm just going to all it soccer, despite knowing it's wrong. I was expecting a fair amount of staring at the sky, picking dandelions, and possibly wandering off the field from Tav, but as ever you can't predict that guy. Whilst his approach of chasing the coach who was "it" around the field when they were playing tag so he could get tagged (and then celebrating) might not be conventional for that game - he came away at the end tired and happy. Fingers crossed for next week.

Easter... and beyond

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Future reminisces

I was hunting for a photograph last night, and along the way got sidetracked in the pictures I took when we were in China. For reasons I can't easily explain, this road sign is a better summary of that year than any I could have written.

But enough of that.

Spring has sprung around these parts and that means we can mourn/celebrate the passing of winter by going skiing for the last time (for a while) tomorrow, and sifting through photographs. This winter we continued to haul our trailer up to Silver Star whenever we could...

...and Tav did his first full laps of the mountain, and ski lessons.

Tav prefers edible medals (who doesn't)

If I was confronted by an Australian dressed as a fox, I probably wouldn't look at the camera either.
Tav also seems to be pretty interested in hockey, though in fairness he's pretty interested in everything:

Kal Lake hockey

Aiste's feet didn't grow fast enough to get on real skis this season, but if her enthusiasm for everything else that Tav does continues, I think we'll all be skiing together next winter.

"Snack" is (I think) Aiste's third word - after "toes" and "no". A concise, but surprisingly effective vocabulary.