Thursday, June 25, 2009


This post is more a of list of links to click on... which reminded me of a conversation Lina and I had on the way somewhere when I tried to explain British Bingo number calling. Something that seemed so normal before suddenly sounded totally ridiculous. Still, I like to stay true to my roots. Jolly good. Cup of tea?

Fig Rolls Racing were in action in the 12 hours of Cumberland at the weekend, and I wrote a bit about it here. Paul wrote about it here, and my photos are here. Clickety click.

This weekend Marc and Nikki start the BC Bike Race and Lina heads of to Sweden for the Explore Sweden Adventure Race. I'm going to cheer them on. I've done my bike race for this year. Now I'll just be riding for the heck of it. Unless I end up doing another race of course...

Technically cross-country.