Monday, July 7, 2008

Bicycle Race

On Friday last week, Nikki and I finished the BC Bike Race which you can read (rather little) about here.

I'll be writing up some kind of story about the whole thing later, but the jist of it will be that it was great and something I will remember forever. Having just done 7 days of punishing riding of course didn't put me off, and after a rest on Saturday we rode Whistler bike park on Sunday and I've just been for an evening ride on the North Shore before I head off for the "Cheffield to Chamonix" road tour with Duncan. After that... I'll be doing Trans Rockies with Jacek. I could get used to this.

Cheffiled to Chamonix is a truly ridiculous idea, which rather took on a life of it's own. The plan is for Duncan and I to ride down to Portsmouth from Sheffiled over 3 days, then get the ferry to Bilbao. The more observant reader will have noticed that Bilbao is in the wrong country. The solution to that is to ride through the Pyrenees, until you get to the right country and then ride up through the Alps. Somewhere in there we might find Chamonix. Don't worry, we'll be getting the train back home again.

I've packed the Lucky Lager jersey, let's hope it works the magic.