Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BC Bike Race... from the sidelines

Marc and I swapped jobs this summer. Marc's been unemployed... so riding his bike a lot and this week is racing with Nikki in the BC Bike Race. I am doing the support-crew, cheering, and photographing parts. Marc and Nikki got off to a great start on Sunday and I'll be catching up with them again on Wednesday and then again for the finish in Whistler on Saturday. Photos and words from Sunday's start are here.

Hanging around the start area on a sunny Sunday morning was fun. I ran into a few local folks who I know in the race and got to re-live all the excitement of last year's race. I remember the "is this really a good idea" feeling on the start line of Day 1 of 7 on your bike. It is a good idea... I'm glad I got to find that out for myself.