Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh Canada... day.

Yesterday was Canada Day. It was also Wednesday. It's not often I get to go and ride my bike all day in the sunshine on a Wednesday. Kala, Krista, Suzanne and I went over to the Sunshine coast to ride some fast, dusty trails and generally feel good about life.

We rode the Mach Chicken DH course, where Suzanne got this photo of me, where I seem to have got separated from the ground. Careless.

Suzanne's talent for capturing the moment with a camera was also on show in this one. I don't know what exactly was happening, but now we will always be able to look at it and wonder...

Our second run was a really fantastic sequence of Highway 101, Viper, trees, dust, twisty corners, roots, trees, logs, other trails I forget, and general good times. We got down too late to meet up with Marc and Nikki as we had planned, but Kala did manage to "buy flour from the man". I was expecting some kind of shady character in a trilby hat... but it turned out to be a farmer. Suspicious folk those farmers. Kala was pleased to find some fruit and veg that her 100-mile diet can't provide in Vancouver. Hooray for carrots.

We ended the day with a beer on the beach and the ferry home. I think that was a decent way to celebrate Canadianism. The my quite bad photos are here.