Sunday, July 3, 2016

When do bad ideas become good ones?

This is a question that I think Lina and most of the other people in this year's Yukon River Quest were asking themselves at some point. Paddling a really long way in the wilderness without stopping for conventional sleep or bodily functions doesn't sound like a good idea after all. For Lina, I think one of the high points was hallucinating friendly tree creatures waving her on from the banks. Hallucinating dead animals just under the water doesn't sound so fun... but what do you expect when you paddle 750 km in 60 hours standing up? Probably not that, but it's a funny old world.

Whilst I have a great deal of admiration for Lina, Norm, Bart, Jason, and all the other pioneers who chose to dishevel their bodies and minds in the race, you didn't get me tempted to join in next time. Coming back to paddle the river at a more suitable pace with Tav and Lina in a canoe some day though - that needs to happen.

Here are some choice moments from the whole strenuous affair:

Yukon River Quest 2016