Thursday, July 14, 2016


We're back from the Yukon (old news), so here are some forgotten photos. Lina and Tav have just left to go have fun in Tofino whilst I get along with kitchen renovation and shoulder healing activities (possible incompatible). It turns out when I rode my new-to-me bike into a tree in Whitehorse I tore something. Riding my bike again afterwards probably didn't help with that. On the bright side I know a physio from mountain biking, so I guess what riding bikes taketh, it also giveth back. 

The new bicycle in question, being pushed around a lake.

Tav, enjoying his first campfire

The Purple Princess, who would be enjoying the campfire if bikes had feelings.
Now follows a series of gratuitous camping photos from our journey home. For the record, this idyllic spot is where Tav's stroller tire and my bike's brake rotor suffered damage from an inquisitive bear. I was considering putting in an insurance claim for the inner tube, just so I could write that the cause of the damage was "bear's teeth". Tav was not in the stroller at the time, in case you were wondering.

Now we are installed back at home, we received a visit from Paul and Angie. As I can't ride bikes at the moment (or at least would be silly to), we went into Cougar Canyon so they could climb some rocks and we could go exploring. It's fun to keep discovering the things we have behind our house.