Friday, July 29, 2016

Progress report

Brace yourself, here it comes - fast and furious. Well, not actually furious.

Shoulder progress:
I rode a bike today. It was a mountain bike, on the road. My back tire felt a bit soft. That's about all I have to report on that. Oh, I do have full range of motion back now, which makes me really appreciate how fulfilling a full range of motion is. I can even use the indicators now when I drive.

Kitchen progress:
Chris came to visit, hoping to ride his bike. Instead of any of that fun I persuaded him to help me drywall the kitchen. SUCCESS.

Watch out if you come a-visiting, there may be a catch.
Then the men in white came and mudded it while we were in Vancouver, I some painting, some (hopefully correct) wiring, put glue and stuff all over the floor, and we now have this:

Looks almost like somewhere you'd want to hang out - which is after all the idea.
Stand Up Paddleboard racing progress:
I haven't done any obviously. However, Lina raced in Tofino whilst I was cajoling Chris into helping we with the kitchen and then Vancouver (technically Surrey). The Canadian national championships were in Tofino, then The Champion of the Crescent race with a bonus trip to Ikea to spend all the money Lina hadn't won yet. Hmm. Lina did win, and we scurried back to Vernon with some reasonably prices Swedish-style goods and having caught up with the Vancouver crowd.

Tav, nonplussed with the attention of Danny Ching - a very famous man if you're into SUP. I can see he's going to be a free thinker (and the greatest child ever of course).
Tav progress:
Tav enjoys his food. Tav's powers of differentiation between food and non-food items could use some refinement though. Currently, anything that he can pull towards his mouth is considered fair game for eating, which probably isn't going to change for a while I guess. Hopefully he'll have a strong immune system as a result. Luckily he can't move yet, though it looks like he's not far away from that. Time to make those doors for the sink cupboard...

Report ends.