Monday, January 4, 2016

I am the daddy

So here I am, a father. I can't pretend that any of my thoughts on that topic are very informed as my fatherly role has lasted a grand sum of four days to-date. I do have some thoughts though. I've interspersed those thought with baby pictures, because they're always a crowd-pleaser I don't have any of cute kittens.

This is Tav's first attempt at "tummy time". He fell asleep.
I've learned that one of my greatest responsibilities as a father is making sure all the things that need to happen but my son doesn't necessarily like, still happen. Changing clothes, having a wash, lying on his front... all the things that elicit the "angry man" response. More on that later.

Tav's pretty keen on sleeping, when he's not eating. 
He calls this style "sideways bear-head blanket pose".

As the days go by, the moments between eating and sleeping where we're able to interact with him a little get longer. I'm looking forward to the days when this will involve going outside and exploring the world with him, but for now grabbing my finger is good enough.

Proof that babies love flannel.
All in all, things seem surprisingly normal around the house. This really is surprising given that I don't remember that getting up at 3 am to grapple a wriggly baby into his clothes was something I did much of before. I've got a feeling that our brains are programmed to enjoy otherwise un-enjoyable things when they're for the benefit of our offspring. Either that or I've totally overlooked the entertainment value in soggy diapers all these years.

Tav helping out with administrative duties. He must be a prodigy.
We've got a lot to learn, and will need to start figuring out how to re-integrate some normal pre-baby activities into our lives. But, we have the rest of our lives ahead of us to figure that out, and the most important thing feels like it should be to enjoy the ride rather than worry about where we're going.

Look into those eyes. You know he's deciphering the mysteries of the universe in his  giant brain.
Or maybe he just pooped.
Whilst of course Tav is the most attractive, intelligent, talented, and well behaved child that has ever existed (I think I'm obliged to make those claims), he has a dark side. I've named this "Angry Man Face". I can't help but seeing Henry Rollins...

And on that note, I just felt a disturbance in the force that is asleep on my lap - I think it's time to visit the changing table.