Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cultural assymilation

So that up there is where we live. Not actually on that bench, but you know... down the path from there. The past week has been top-notch for large-tire-bicycle action and I've been able to get out for more guilt free skidding and corner cutting, and quite a lot of crashing. On last night's ride we came upon the tracks of something pretty big, and pretty agile given how it had been nonchalantly walking along precipitous ledges on the cliff below the viewpoint, and last week I interrupted a very big bird eating a deer. These things remind us that it's a wild place out there.

A couple of months ago we embraced our new wild place surroundings by buying a large and aggressive vehicle with which to crush the unspoiled wilderness. Just kidding. However, we did buy "Big Stupid", the Blue Elephant's successor, to do all the things the Elephant was so good at but with three of us and on the much nastier roads we have around these parts. Our criteria were to find a big 4x4 truck which fits lots of people and gear and uses as little fuel as possible, and which we could afford. That left one option, and there was a nice used one in town, so that was pleasingly simple.

As the licence plate suggests, the radio can receive both kinds of music - Country, and Western

"Big Stupid" - rampant upon the driveway.
Then just for balance, here's Tav's new winter-crushing vehicle. We're hoping the next few winters will hold some fun family adventures with this contraption.

The Tavmobile, rampant upon the back yard.
And finally... I did some garage upgrades to accommodate our expanding family - of watercraft. We bought a canoe. I feel so Canadian. We're hoping that this contraption will be the key to fun family adventures in the summer. Oh... and how does it get up there you're wondering? Well, all I can say is that involves pulling a few strings.

And finally finally - child development news. This week's triumph has been Tav's first bottle feeding. I went into this with high hopes given that Tav will suck on just about anything with great enthusiasm (his thumb, his whole hand, my finger... and on one occasion, my chin). Luckily my hunch was right and Tav remains a hungerous beast whatever vessel the milk comes from.

Tav - visualizing sucking on things.