Thursday, December 31, 2015


Today is the last day of 2015 and the first day of Tavas' life. Here's how his day went.

In the morning, everything was nice and warm and dark, the way it's been forever.

...but something was afoot. A fool in scrubs was a clue to the day's grand events to come.

Mother was ready in her birthday party outfit.

Inside the party tent, the magicians performed a great trick... and Tavas' made a spectacular entrance to the party.

It turns out all the blue-hands people are very interested in you when it's your naughth birthday.

Trust me, I'm a doctor. Not that kind of doctor... but whatever.

The rainbow sunshine panda measured Tavas' weight. This is the sort of fun fact inquiring minds want to know.

Mother was stuck in the party tent, but did get a chance to wish happy birthday.

Even on your birthday, there's always some kind of paperwork that needs to be done.

Tavas' birthday hat was a hit at first - until he discovered that what goes on, can also come off.

More than one of the people in this picture might be ginger. Sorry son.

Mother eventually got out of the party tent and came to join us.

Happy 2016 everyone - it's time for a nap.