Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The weather forecast

Being a British person I pay attention to the weather forecast. You don't have to be British to be interested in the weather, but it helps. Here's what the forecast says:

That's right - our recent run of sub-zero weather, that has been keeping everything crisp and frozen for the pat two weeks, is about to end. That's going to bring brown goo that snow turns into when it reaches the end of it's life. Yuck.

I've been enjoying the cold and clear days, especially for riding my newest bike.

And then this morning we got what I missed the first time around. Freshies! Ok, it was only about 2 centimeters, but it was fresh snow. I also used this opportunity to test out two things:

Thing #1 - Uphill vs. downhill grippiness. I claimed in conversation at the bike shop that the bike with 5 inch wide tires was good for the uphill but "had too much grip" on the downhill.

Thing #2 - New cranks. Due to a combination of good and bad fortune, I have a fancy new pair of carbon fiber cranks on my Banshee. I broke the fancy pair of carbon cranks I used to have, but I won the warranty department lottery and got fresh new ones. Happy days.

So here are my scientific observations:

Thing #1 - The uphill was mostly nasty, on the fat bike it was fun (as much as uphill can be). The comical sliding all over the place on the downhill was worth it.

Thing #2 - They go around and around. Success.