Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Can you tell what it is yet? (this is getting old now)

Ok, so this still isn't very exciting as I don't have any wheels built for this contraption... but it does at least now look like a bike.

A degree and a half less angle thanks to another Works Components fandangle
To end this story before I get too bored of it to tell the rest... I decided to retire my Blur 4X after many happy rides. I got it as a "cross country bike that's good for going down hills", but have had to finally concede that whilst it's certainly a lot of fun going down hills, it's just not that much fun for riding up them. The constant wrestling to keep the front on the ground and the fact it didn't really work with any normal hill-climbing gears just couldn't be ignored. Still, it was fun while it lasted.

The new bike was born from Santa Cruz's frame sale and the release of the new mountain-crushing Tallboy LT. I decided that for a lot less money than a Tallboy LT I could just buy the old Tallboy in the sale and goof around with the head-angle to make a close-enough approximation. Then along came various other "unmissable bargains" and here I am with most of a new bike. Now all I need are some big round things to put on the ends.

Oh look, it's a bike with no wheels.