Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Can you tell what it is yet? (Part 1)

I have returned to the fold of the desk-based employee. Overall this is a good thing. For a start, I can now go on after work rides... hurrah! For anyone about to point out the flaw in this logic - just don't. Ok.

Another clear benefit of gainful employment is getting paid. This not only means I can afford to pay our bills, but I once again have "disposable income". Morally I think this is probably a bad thing... but what can you do. I ease my dilemma by using my disposable income to buy things made by people who I think make things that are good. If these things are on sale, even better. Obviously most of these things are bikes or bike-related, because we're talking about me here.

So a new bike project begins. Inspired by Paul's newest bike and by having a go on a bike that I didn't really like all that much in Squamish the other weekend, I have concocted a plan for an interesting new contraption. I feel like I really ought to be welding any future bikes of mine together myself, so I have chosen something that I wouldn't have a hope in heck of ever making successfully. It was also made by people who I think do things right, and was on sale. Double-winner. Parts to assemble this thing have started to arrive in the mail. Here's the first one: