Sunday, March 24, 2013

Can you tell what it is yet? (Part 3)

Sunshine has returned to Vancouver... and strangely the UK has been blanketed by snow. It's a funny old world. Paul and I made a cross-border trip yesterday to ride some smooth trails at Galbraith. With the sun shining from the blue sky it certainly felt like springtime. I was also able to take possession of a major part, and some minor parts, of my new bike project. I will be missing some fairly vital components (like wheels) for a week or two yet, but it's exciting to have something bike-shaped coming together.

Today I dismantled the nice new fork I got and tinkered around with the guts inside, which seems to have had the effect I was looking for. I got to use an exciting new (to me) product, which is very slippery indeed. Just right for sliding things. I also attached my rather eclectic collection of old and new parts to the frame without any nasty surprises. Still, there's plenty of time for those...

Like Santa Claus, but will less reindeer.