Monday, September 6, 2010

Luxury wetness

We're in Quesnel. Our day off yesterday in Williams Lake was great... we looked around town, went for a hike around and decided that we have to make a long-weekend trip back out here with mountain bikes to ride the trails... and then watched a movie. This was all punctuated with lots of eating, and a little bit of watching the provincial barrel-racing championships (where you race horses, not barrels) which happened to be going on in the campsite (the stampede grounds)where we stayed.

The ride from Williams Lake to here was really, really wet. We ot rained on all day. In contrast... our ride into Williams Lake a few days earlier featured some of the best riding we've had so far, including a real mountainous switchbacked descent down to the Frazer River and over this bridge:

Can you find Lina in this picture?
Today, we experienced the foulest riding of the trip. The day was saved by a healthy dose of "second breakfast" and tonight we're enjoying the luxuries of the Travelodge (pool, sauna, dry clothes). We just picked up some excellent tips on stuff to do around here while playing pool and drinking beer in the pub too... so a pretty good day after all.

Soon we'll be back into the wilderness on the Bowron Lakes, so it's time to enjoy the luxuries of cleanliness and dryness (and the pub) while we can.