Friday, September 17, 2010

Like all the things you can't explain...

Another update from the road. We made it from Quesnel to Wells, made it down the dirt road to Bowron Lakes... then got in a canoe and paddled it through rain, sun, hail, mist, rain, sun, repeat, for 6 days. We were definitely the only people on the circuit with bike panniers for dry-bags, and possibly the only people without a propane barbecue, sun parasol, lawn chair, and kitchen sink. This did make the portages easier though. Tomorrow we ride and run in the Wells 7 Summits race, before we head home to Vancouver on Monday. The honeymoon is almost over. Here are a few photos of the things we saw on Bowron Lakes...

Portage... you get to do lots of this
Lina in her bannana suit
Some tourists on the Bowron Lakes
There was sunshine... sometimes
Bowron style yoga
Mrs Moose and calf
Lina watching Mrs Moose
Mrs Moose, standing rampant (ish) in Swan Lake