Monday, September 20, 2010

Bike, Hike, and Home.

We're back in rainy Vancouver... though rainy Vancouver is quite a bit warmer than exotic Wells BC where we spent the past week or so. Our finale was racing in the Wells 7 Summits Bike and Hike. The race was a challenging, often confusing, and generally adventurous trip around Barkerville and Wells surrounding 7 peaks. There was plenty of vague route finding, spectacular views, a few punishing climbs... and lots of general fun in the hills. To my dismay I found I was doing quite well at the half way point, which meant I couldn't justify slacking off. With some moral support from my fellow racers I rode my rather small borrowed bike across the line in 3rd place, to win a piece of cake and a cup of tea (of my choice). You can't argue with that.

Meanwhile, Lina had suffered from the tricky course following and climbed an extra mountain. Whilst this had the benefit of getting to ride some extra bike trails, it didn't help her out in getting across the finish line. Luckily Lina also got the benefit of the fine volunteers and other racers and found her way across the line, having completed most of the course (though one wrong mountain). Over 6 hours after I finished the last racers crossed the line... in the dark, around 13 hours after the start. Epic.

I have just uploaded a whole heap of photos here.

The start line in Barkerville at 7.30am. Brrrrr!

Lina at the finish line 

The honeymoon is over... but there are 700 photos to sift through.