Tuesday, August 3, 2010

...the whip of thunder and the wind's dark moan ...open up the heavens, make it rain!

To celebrate my new Canadian-ness we went up to Pemberton for the weekend. Life in Canada (in the summer at least) for me is all about riding bikes in the forest, and swimming in lakes. Pemberton is a good place to make both of these things happen.

On Saturday Paul, Angie, Kala, Meaghan, Lina, and I ride Resurrection, a trail that I first rode with Jacek a couple of years ago. A truly evil hot logging-road climb led to a a dust-bowl descent. As Kala said "It's like riding downhill on the beach".

Paul and Kala on Ressurection

Overhead shot of Lina and Paul from my tree-stump perch

There was a lot of post-ride eating, some swimming in the river... and digging of emergency water-drainage channels around Paul's tent as we were treated to a spectacular thunderstorm and torrential rain. Luckily the rain's enthusiasm didn't last.

On Sunday I had a date with the NIMBY50 course (part of it) as I didn't get to ride it last time we were here.  Despite somehow hacking my knee open (riding uphill), we made it to the paraglider launch and launched ourselves in the direction of Overnight Sensation. Dust replaced May's mud and we had a great run.

Lina on Overnight Sensation

The gang thinned-out on Sunday night and Kala, Lina and I were left to ride Kill Me Thrill Me on our way home through Whistler. We all had tired legs, but that trail had plenty to wake you up.

Kala on the KMTM slabs

Paul took this one of me... which I like a lot