Wednesday, August 25, 2010

En Route

We left Egmont around 12.00pm on Sunday, saying our goodbyes and leaving our wedding guests behind to go off mountain biking, or just head home. Our plan was to head for Comox, wth Marc and Nikki providing the support vehicle (they were going that way home anyway). It was a real achallenge to stay awake on the 2 ferries after such an incredible, but frantic time both leading up to and on the weekend itself. Everything had turned out great... even if a few things weren't quite what we planned, and a few other things had never got planned at all.

Marc and Nikki's house has always felt like a sanctuary to me... and it was the same on tis evening. We ate leftovers and chatted for few hours until none of us could stay awake any longer. Ths was one of the best night's sleep I've had in a long time... on the wonky futon with Pippa the dog providing alarm-clock services in the way only she can.

We had a few last minute things to take care of in Comox... like finding some bike shoes for Lina (not the only thing we forgot to pack in the hectic lead up to the wedding). Luckily for us, Hefe at the wonderful Simon's Cycles came through with a used pari of shoes which fit Lina pretty well. Yet another piece of good luck in an amazingly lucky streak. Equipped with shoes and toothpaste we rode out from Comox with Nikki providing a bicycle escort as far as Merville... then e were off on our adventure. We decided to head on to Sayward, and we knew there was good food to be hd at the Cable House and the weather as still perfect. We even got a surprise roadside visit from Joan who spotted us on the highay as she was driving back to Comox. We had a few cake stops along the way and made itto Sayward before the rain.

Day 2 saw us heading for "Wossvegas" (Woss) for lunch and then past Nimpkinish Lake, which was tantalizingly close and watery, but we failed to find a way down to swim. Bah. Instead we rolled to Port MacNeill and had another great night's sleep. I think it's going to take me this whole trip to catch up!

Today we arrived in Port Hardy. I have purchased Port Hardy's finest sleeping bag (yes, I know forgetting that for a camping trip is an elementary error. Lina and I have been sharing the past 2 nights... which wasn't a romantic honeymoon plan of mine). Now we're fed and about to head to the water taxi office to pick up our supply package for the hike on the North Coast Trail starting tomorrow. Exciting stuff!