Monday, August 9, 2010

A local adventure (with a side of stand-up / sit-down paddle boarding)

A few weeks ago we had planned a paddle up Indian Arm with a group of friends but for one reason and another, it never happened. This weekend brought us some much-needed rain and led to a lack of enthusiasm for doing... anything. We biked into town (got a bit wet), met some friends for coffee, biked home (got soaked)... then decided to go paddling anyway. Lina's vessel of choice was unorthodox - the Starboard racing paddle-board she's been borrowing lately. I borrowed our friend Gary's Necky Looksha IV, which turned out to be one of the most fun sea kayaks I've paddled.

Heading out into the mist

The paddle out was fast. Following wind and waves were fun for me in the kayak... but when it got choppy Lina needed to explore "sit-down paddle-boarding" on the unstable board using our paddle float as a seat. I think we might have just re-invented the canoe. Whatever it was, it worked well. We cruised into Granite Falls only 2 1/2 hours after leaving Deep Cove and set up our tent and tarp to keep ourselves dry. Practice for our honeymoon BC-bicycle-hike-canoe adventure perhaps? Only 2 weeks to go until we will be married and living out of bike panniers (one of those two things will be temporary). The rain held off most of the evening and we went and had a look at the falls themselves. The water was low, despite the rain, so we could climb up and get a good look.

The camp site seems to have been something else at one time with remnants of an old dock, a lighthouse, bits of asphalt, and logging(?) machinery here and there. I need to read some history.

Me, wearing my lighthouse costume.

The morning was beautifully calm, but didn't stay that way for long. Our journey home via the rather flash Wigwam Inn (unfortunately member's only according to the signs) took us into the wind and the tide. The journey home took about twice as long as the way there, but we didn't have to resort to towing the paddle-board at least. Was Lina the first SUPer to get to Granite Falls and back? Who knows... but it was a great way to spend a wet weekend.

Looking back up Indian Arm from Granite Falls

Calm Morning

Homeward bound