Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vampire pumpkin cyclocross

Wooooooo, wooooooo, WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It's was Halloween. To celebrate, we had "scary movie night" where a few friends came around and we watched Fido and Shaun of the Dead. Neither turned out to be all the scary, but there were lots of zombies... so that was good.

Before we left on a mini party-crawl between CrossFit (yes, that was the party Lina got invited to) and Our Community Bikes (yes, that was the party I got invited to) we carved a pumpkin. Spooky stuff.

Fear the vegetable

Mainly as an excuse to wear my ladies PVC coat again we dressed up as vampire and victim. It seemed my costume worked out pretty well as no-one at OCB recognised me until I spoke. Creepy. After quite a lot of fun with glue and fake blood we got Lina suitably "distressed" looking to be my bite-victim. The fake blood started flowing more freely after we took the photo, and Lina lost her (vampire) teeth. The good side of that was that she could talk and eat. I wasn't so lucky...

Today (still with my black nail varnish) we went out to Aldergrove to race some Cyclocross. There was still no mud, and the course was a bit flat for my mountain-biker tendencies... but I had a good race all the same. Lina had a really good race. So good she won the "Prime" for being in the lead on the 2nd lap... and won overall in her category. The prizes included real cash-money and a voucher for Steed cycles. Good stuff Lina!

There were 2 others in the race, but we had to stage the podium shot without them so we could run off and get stuff done. Honest.