Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's snowtime

Hello Winter. This weekend I made two firsts. First ski with chairlifts, and first cross-country ski of the season. I'm pretty happy about that.

On Saturday an impressive crown of 13 (mostly Irish) people headed down to Mt Baker in Washington State. It was Lina's first day as Telemarker, which went very well... though it's going to take a while to get out of that alpine skier stance. There was great snow, and general good time. I broke one of my bindings but managed to run back to the car and borrow one of Paul's spares for the last run of the day. Phew!

Lina in proto-Telemark mode

Paul, and a view emerging from the murk


Today Lina and I headed up to Cypress on the North Shore to skate ski. There's loads of snow up there... though the usual warm Cypress conditions made things a bit squishy for XC skiing. Still, I started to remember how to skate by the end of the morning and we got home in time to make yam enchiladas and learn about astronomy. What a combination (?)