Monday, November 16, 2009

5th Annual Comox Mud Ride

It really is 5 years that we've been heading over to Marc and Nikki's place in Comox each October or November to ride around in foul weather, drink hot chocolate, eat food... and often celebrate a birthday. Usually my birthday.

This year we were missing some old friends, but brought along some new faces, including our first "International" participants... TransRockies Chris and Kathleen. We also had Me, Lina, Paul, Angie, Jacek, Sarah, and Kala from Vancouver plus Marc and Nikki, Joan, and a good handful of other locals. Mathilda was the only canine member of the group this time, but a new addition to the Marc and Nikki household (Pippa) will be out on the trails as soon as her legs grow long enough.

Saturday was a fantastic rip around the Cumberland trails is pretty nice conditions. A little slippery, but fast and fun. We finished the day with chili hot chocolate from Darkside in Cumberland. Oh, that stuff was good.

Sunday was a different story. We pedaled up Forbidden, getting deeper and deeper into the snow. We met with the shuttlers and started our descent. Ice-cold water half way up your shins... lovely.

Marc in the right kind of clothes

The start

It was just as cold as it looked

There was a lot of snow, a lot of water... and a lot of "Type 2" fun. However, there was also some amazing/ridiculous descending through the forest, snow and mud flying... careering down a trail that was running in ankle-deep water, and eventually making it out to Nymph Falls and the cars.

To finish off a great weekend we were the second-to-last car to get on the ferry home. Phew!

Here is the traditional link to Paul's version of events. It's worth it just for the cute puppy photos...