Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No photo

Having no photos of things doesn't inspire me to write on here... but as my camera is still on holiday in Toronto, here are a few words which paint a (very small) picture.

Spring has sprung here in Vancouver. The weekend before last I spent 4 days in Tofino with 2 Irish people from Vancouver, 3 Irish people from Canmore... one of whom was only 6 weeks old, and another Irish person from New Zeland. No Irish people from Ireland were allowed. We rented a posh house on the beach,  got battered around by some messy surf, ate crabs, drank gallons of tea, and generally enjoyed the craic. Lina and Jasmin were over in Ucluelet on their sea kayak guide course for the week, so one evening I went over and rescued them from their wet tents for a barbecue at our house. They seemed very pleased to be warm and dry for an evening!

Back in Vancouver I've been riding my bike, which has been great... and went to a very unusual pool party around the back of the kayak and sailing shop down the road from my place. Cartwheeling a kayak in a portable swimming pool, in the dark, next to the railway line, with a folk band playing was a new experience. The paddling theme continued on Saturday when Kala, Ali, and I had a great whitewater run down the Capillano on the North Shore. I got to try out my fancy new paddle... which is amazing. 

Other exciting "new stuff" news is that thanks to OCB I have a new frame for my errand-running bike. I transplanted all the stuff from "Damon's old bike" which I inherited with my apartment onto a very fine 1988 Kona Lava Dome. It's from first year that Kona existed, so quite a special thing for people like me who are into that kind of stuff. It's great for whizzing around town and is resplendent in baby blue, orange, and lime green. Stylish.