Sunday, December 21, 2008

White Christmas?

A load of us are off to Nelson for New Year, thinking we would escape the grey rain of Vancouver and see some real winter weather... however Vancouver is providing it's own real winter this year. Normally the North Shore gets a lot of snow, but it's often of the sloppy "schmoo" kind. But... after over a week of weather consistently below freezing it's still very crisp indeed out there. In fact, there's a lot of snow falling past my window right now down here at sea level. We've also had blue skies and sunshine, which has been great. 

On a cold clear Saturday afternoon, lots of Vancouverites head for the mountains... so did we. After a monumental faff involving boots being taken home by the wrong person, forgotten, left, presumed lost, searched for, and eventually found... Suzanne, Krista and I headed up Mt Seymour in pursuit of Jacek, Paul, and Angie. There were lots of other people up there to choose from.

Vancouver dwellers invade Mt Seymour.

On a collection of slightly dubious borrwed gear, Krista is picking up telemark skiing at a frightening rate. I think we might have a new member of the backcountry skiing collective. 

Krista getting to grips with backcountry skiing.

Krista and Suzanne on the first summit.

The usual suspects have photos too: Suzanne, Jacek, and Paul