Friday, December 19, 2008

Dawn Patrol

It's been a good week for doing stuff. Starting off with a very cold and crunchy frozen nightride at SFU on Tuesday... ice crystals floating in the air and glinting off my headlamp. This time I didn't have any run-ins with the Burnaby wildlife on the trail home. I'm sure they were wolves stalking me last time, or possibly lions. 

Then the snow came... cold and fluffy, not the usual ice-cream that we get on the North Shore. A big gang of us went up to Cypress to night ski on Wednesday and I rode my first ski lift of the season. I think I prefer the human-powered approach these days, but it was a fun night ending with cheese and broccoli soup. YUM.

Yesterday Angie and I ran up the valley from Lynn Headwaters in more cold, light snow. It was beautiful... pillows of snow on all the rocks in the river and hanging in the trees. The best part was my feet didn't get wet until the snow thawed in the cafe at the end! Of course I forgot my camera... so you'll just have to believe me that the forest looks very pretty with it's winter coat on. Then I finally got to try out my new climbing shoes at the indoor gym with Paul in the evening. So comfortable. I might actually be able to wear these for longer than 15 minutes when the summer comes back and we climb real rocks again.

Then this morning Paul and I climbed up for a dawn raid on Mt Seymour before work. This time I remembered my camera. 

Blue skies and cold, light snow on the North Shore. Wow.

Paul takes up wildlife photography.

The wildlife in question.

Paul skiing back to Vancouver (with his heels reluctantly fixed down).

Of course Paul took some (rather good) photos too, which have me in them. There are more words and pictures on Paul's blog here.