Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Very, very, cold.

This weekend I finally got out into the snow on skis. The snow has been slow in coming and is still very thin compared to this time last year but a big storm last Friday improved things enough to coax us out. Paul, Angie, Dan, Meeko, Suzanne, and I headed up north of Pemberton in search of snow, driving into -25 degree temperatures. That's very cold for the coast!

We skied into a really fantastic cabin and found we had the place to ourselves. We fired up the log burning stove and went of a quick ski up on the other side of the valley. Paul found every rock on the slope, but he was on borrowed skis... so that's ok. The snow was patchy, but we got glimpses of good skiing in the deep patches and I found I could still ski after all these months off. We spent the evening eating, drinking hot chocolate, playing Trivial Pursuit, and enjoying the 45 degree temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cabin.

Very cold indeed (outside)

After a great night's sleep, we headed out for a quick ski behind the cabin and found some deeper snow. In between the rocks and trees there was some good skiing to be found, and great views.

Me, dodging invisible rocks

It was so cold my camera wouldn't wake up, Suzanne had to warm hers in her armpit and Paul's developed strange ideas about exposure times... but we still got some photos. Suzanne has pictures here. Paul's photos are here. More snow is forecast for this week and the cold is set to continue. Winter is here!