Monday, March 31, 2008

Steep Creek - spring really is the best time of the year

This weekend Jacek, Paul, Kala, Luisa, and myself skied into Steep Creek... which I think is an excellent name for a creek. The Duffey Lake area (where Steep Creek is) is quite new to me as it's a bit further north of Whistler than we usually go. The last trip up there plus this one make me think we'll be heading up there quite a bit more in the future. Despite the billing, Steep Creek was not very steep where we were climbing. "Quite Flat Creek" doesn't sound so good though, does it. At the spot where we camped we were greeted by this:

So we had to go and do this to it:

...and the correct procedure for doing that, is this (demonstrated by Paul):

The sun shone on us for most of the weekend, though it was really cold when the sun went in... the cold air meant the snow mostly stayed nice and light. Camping out in the snow is always fun, and in this case quite chilly. The chillyness paid off with a beautiful clear morning and the sun bouncing off the mountains around the camp as it rose... which I failed to take any pictures of that do it any justice. On the way home yesterday we made a food and beverage crawl of Highway 99 all the way back to Vancouver and of course discussed next weekend's plans. The Spearhead Traverse in one day seems to have everyone excited...

There are a few more pictures of mine here, some of Paul's here, and Dan's here. So many cameras.