Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Jacek had landed

Spring (my favourite time of year) is nearly here and this weekend was my first bike and ski on two consecutive days combination of 2008. A fine combination it is. Today Jacek and I went down to Mt Baker (in the US) to meet up with a whole gang of Irish and Swedish people who we've had the good fortune to run into. Jacek and I went on a short tour in the backcountry next to the ski area with Margaret and Kala... and I gave my new camera a try. The results (with the camera at least) had room for improvement, but that's due to the operator. I managed to get a couple of salvageable pictures. The snow was pretty good in places and we even got a view from time to time.

Apr├ęs-ski we did some socialising, some eating, and then headed back to the border to take care of the other important thing for the day. On our way back through the border, Jacek "landed" in Canada... despite having just come from there this morning, this is an important thing. This means he's going to be around in Vancouver for a while yet. Jacek also wins the award for "smiling in the most photos"...