Saturday, March 1, 2008

Re-joining the digital age

My old camera, started getting a bit grumpy a while ago... which I ignored. As a protest it then stopped focussing at all, which meant I had to walk backwards and fowards taking pictures of things until one came out ok. Of course, this wasn't much fun.

Now, thanks to the wonder of belated birthday presents (thanks mum!) I have a new camera. Buying it was refreshingly easy... I went into a couple of camera shops, said "I like the look of this, what else should I consider that's similar". The answer in both cases was "That's the best one, you needn't consider anything else". So I got it.

I tried it out in a few places today... first on the dark and dank North Shore where I managed to take a not-totally-blurry photo of Jacek. This is quite a feat in itself. Then this evening I went to the park up the road and took photos of the conservatory, a sculpture, a flower, etc. I'm really pleased so far, and will hopefully take a few photos tomorrow skiing in the backcountry near Mt Baker. My photo experiments can be seen on my Flickr page.