Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The curse of the August long weekend

August long weekend. It's a tricky one. If you haven't booked a camp site prior to the invention of the August long weekend, you're basically out of luck. And now we live in a holiday destination (of sorts) you can't even stay at home without being over-run by tourists. So what do you do? You find the most obscure camping spot you can, at the end of a closed road, and paddle there in your canoe hoping for the best.

In this case we did alright - particularly with our companion band of Vancouverite and New-Westy friends. Our flotilla set sail from the western shores of Arrow Lake, bound for the unknown. Luckily the unknown was hospitable, though we did find ourselves in the company of some typical forest-service campground clientele (who were from Vernon, so they were literally my homies). They thoughtfully passed out from over-consumption of Hey Y'alls and Bud Light by 9pm, so were actually pretty considerate neighbors. And they were from Vernon. During our adventures we discovered a pretty excellent sandy beach that can only be paddled to, which will be worth revisiting another time.

Tav enjoyed most of the experience, in particular the parts that involved throwing rocks into the water...

Arrow Lake Long Weekend

In other news Tav has his name in wood - somewhere in the temperate recesses of Hampshire. It's like having your name in lights, but more environmentally responsible.