Thursday, July 6, 2017

Canada 150 and Jungle Hill

Here's a picture from a Rail Trail excursion with Tav a few weeks ago.
It has nothing to do with Canada Day, or jungles.
Post-cruise we are back in Vernon and enjoyed a week with Mum and Peter - who were with us to celebrate Canada reaching 150 years old. Cue matching red T-shirts.

Alternative behavior for Canada Day

Appropriate behavior for Canada Day
Next on the agenda was a trip to the throbbing metropolis of Ione Washington, where Chris is currently living in a tent. Tav enjoyed doing impressions of farm animals and there was a winning combination of bike riding and jumping in lakes. You really can't go far wrong with those two things (three things if you include the animal impressions). 

Although I didn't make any photo evidence of it, the ride on Kettle Crest down Jungle Hill (actual real name) was an exceptional thing. I think we'll need to head back there some day for more.

Tav likes standing on things, and bike pumps.
In Ione, this is how one rolls