Wednesday, April 12, 2017

We apologize for the delay

Approximately 300 years ago there was a long weekend and we went to Kaslo to explore around there bit.

Tav  has discovered that running is like walking, but even more fun.

Tav life

We explored a very off-season Sandon, as if ghost-towns even need an off-season.
It appears a load of buses (among other things) got lost there, which provided great material for my habit of taking pictures of decaying machinery.

Back in Vernon, winter has finally released its grasp - at least in the valley. It was a bit of a dank start, but biking on bikes with conventionally-sized tires. Anyone with an interest in bicycle tire size conventions will find this a confusing idea.

We may not have puddles often, but when we do, they're real puddles.

And meanwhile up at Silver Star, it's still snowing. Tav is showing early signs of preference for fresh lines in the powder...

Imminent excitement around here will hopefully include the rehabilitation of our back garden, and it getting warm enough at night for me to stain the fence I made. Wild times.