Wednesday, April 19, 2017


We went to Vancouver for Easter. There was SUP fun, mountain bike fun, puddle and stick fun, and greatest of all... Ikea fun. Perhaps even greater than the greatest fun was getting the Ikea couch in and out of the truck twice. 

The actual greatest fun of all was of course meeting up with all the coast-dwelling folks we don't see enough any more (and riding bikes with them).


Tav striding forth in East Vancouver

Poking water with a stick - good times

Lina and the SUP gang at the end of the Monster and Sea 24 hour paddle for cancer 

Kala's washing machine needed some close inspection...

...and so did Johnny's bike.

Tav poaching media attention at the end of the Monster and Sea paddle

Tav's first ride up and down Mt Fromme (on the road), during which he was mostly asleep.