Friday, July 24, 2015

Hot, or not?

Since we moved to Vernon, temperature has been high on the list of discussion topics. There is a good reason for this... the temperature does a lot of things here that it doesn't do on the coast. For a start it goes up to numbers that start with a three, and sometimes end with a number like eight. That's pretty toasty. However, at night you can take two off that first number and maybe a few off the second one too... so the mornings work out very well indeed for exploring our new backyard as my morning commute.

Lina likes to join me on my morning commute, and I can understand why. Having this around the corner from our house is a good thing.

In other backyard news, I have been exploring our actual backyard and have drawn this triangle with flagging tape. Just imagine what that could mean...

Pink triangle in my yard, (let me know the truth).
Inspired by Tom's visit and his interest in wind speed and direction, plus the fact we have things like a day/night temperature differential and crazy, crazy thunderstorms here, I spent rather more time than I expected clambering up and down ladders and swearing at grey plastic things getting the weather station that came with the house working again. Eventually I triumphed over technology and now can tell you things about the wind and weather with numbers. I celebrated this with some fine local cider.

How'd you like them data?
While I'm on a triumphant theme, other recent triumphs I can claim are unpacking some of the stuff in our new house. This has led to the following developments:

The laundry room, or "everything room" as it's better know. Yes, that is a shower.

When you enter the workshop or "Gun Room", time and space are distorted and freak you right out.
Whilst the basement is clearly the most excellent part of the house, there is an upstairs too apparently. In the living room, I have finally been able to bring back to life the "vintage" (maybe just "old") NAD amplifier I bought from Big Deal used electronics in Sheffield in I think 2000. Subsequently it was repaired in Instant Electronics in Leeds, and now it needs to be repaired again... though it limps along and sounds great. It's attached to a pair of Mourdaunt-Short bookshelf speakers that my Mum used to have in her dining room. The thing that makes the noises come out of this old contraption is sadly, not an equally old relic though. However, it does talk to my iPod and plays CDs... so that's good. I do notice that my iPod has just been superseded, so maybe that will last long enough to become an old relic too. Oh, and Lina found a chair she liked in a junk shop. I think you will be able to tell the one I am referring to.

Superterranean living, with velour.
All in all, it feels like we live here now. That's a relief as we actually do live here. Our house interior is all a bit beige and we have some grand plans for an addition on the back of the house. The beige will be an easier target since I bought a paint-sprayer from a man in Kelowna. I am hoping this contraption might actually make parts of painting fun, or at least spectacularly messy.