Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Come fly with me

Tom came for a visit last weekend with his paraglider. This led to some exploring of our new neighbourhood.

Standing atop Big Ed, looking back at Kal Lake

The first spot we looked at is really near bike trails I know, which didn't stop me from getting lost driving from the launch to the bike trail... but I'm new around here. The weather was a bit fishy on Saturday so we went for the "standing around and talking about it" approach to paragliding followed by riding trails all the way home on bikes. So that was fun.

Sunday morning - time to play with string.
The wind cooperated with us on Sunday, so first order of the day was back up to Big Ed, where Tom defied gravity for our amusement (and his).

What happens next?


Keen to embrace all the elements of Vernon, we next got out for a ride on the earthy trails at the end of our street, and then fired up (can you see what I did there?) the barbecue for lunch. The water-feature was a paddle on Kal Lake to Rattlesnake Point. Just when we thought it might be all over and all four elements satisfied, it turned out there was more air to be harnessed.

The view from Vernon Mountain. We live down there.

The bonus element.
I have a feeling I'm going to need to learn how to do that some day...