Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just one day out of life

Part two of my holiday reminiscence is here. Hooray!

Having enjoyed the delights of southern California, it was time to move on. The weather had taken a turn for the Canadian and there were reports of snow in the desert. Being unafraid of snow, we went to Sedona (Arizona) anyway... which didn't work out quite as we expected.

It turns out is does snow in the desert. Maybe not very often, but this was not the skiff of white stuff we imagined. I had left the winter tires on the Elephant, so we were the most mobile (and least terrifying) vehicle on the road, but biking on any of that photogenic red dirt was going to be out of the question. Fortunately we found the Olde Sedona Pub which featured a crowd of fun locals, "DJ Pedro", a pool table, and so we ushered the new year in one hour earlier than expected as we had left PST. Semi-success!

Fun, but not ideal for mountain biking

Red, white, and blue.

It's not supposed to look like this

Frosted cactus

The White Stripes
Having exhausted the taking-pictures-of-snow-on-rocks opportunities, we decided to go in search of mountain biking and slot machines in the City of Sin. More of that in the the third and final (phew) installment.

Have Elephant, will travel.

Pictures of more of that, but mostly just the same are here.