Friday, January 9, 2015

It would be, it would be so nice.

And so finally, I made it to the end of my holiday blog post. This one is positively busting with photographs, so brace yourself.

Having fled the arctic wasteland of Sedona (it was actually quite pleasant - but that ruins the drama), we arrived in the land of Elvis, ridiculous hotels, and a thing made out of 2.5 million cubic meters of concrete. Seriously, that is a lot of concrete. It turns out that two things happen when you make something out of 2.5 million cubic meters of concrete. The first one is that the concrete artisans get thirsty and as you'd be doing this in the prohibition era (obviously), an elaborate network of trails to deliver illicit booze from desert stills must be set up. It's this kind of detail that people often overlook in construction projects. Then, 40 years later a bunch of hippies in California start riding old bikes down gravel roads and before you know where you are you end up with...

So there's that.

There's also all that pesky water that backs up behind your nice new concrete wall. Then, 20 years after the bike thing, some pro-surfing legend decides to re-discover surfing on a really big board with a paddle so he doesn't have to deal with all that getting up and down nonsense. The people see this and think "hey, cool... now I don't even need a wave to go surfing", and before you know where you are, you end up with...

So there's that too.

And then, as if we hadn't had enough already, some Canadian in a pink onesie and a British-import Canadian come to visit and... (you get the picture).

Haha, "picture" - can you see what I did there?

Enough with the sponsor-pleasing photographs already. That last one's pretty good though, right?

Three things were particularly memorable to me from our couple of days in Boulder City and Vegas. 1) Breakfast at the "World Famous Coffee Cup", which certainly deserved to be world famous, because it's great. 2) Riding in Bootleg Canyon - whilst all the trails were close variations on a theme, the theme was a catchy one so no complaints there. And 3) walking around "The Strip" for hours whilst being assaulted by endless bizarre (and often illuminated) things. Here's what I'm talking about:

Predictably, there are more photos here.