Wednesday, April 16, 2014


In March 2010, Lina, Paul, Kala, and myself climbed Mount Baker in a day. In 2014, Paul, Angie, Marc, Nikki, Guillaume, Chuck, Kala, and myself climbed Mount Baker in two days. This is conclusive proof that the law of entropy applies to not only the order of things, but also the size and duration of mountain climbing adventures. Ok, it doesn't really... but whatever.

What is conclusive is that climbing volcanoes is fun, lemon cake is tasty, MSR stoves need love too, and camping in the snow is great. Photographic evidence:


Something that came to light via the magic of Facebook is that the summit in 2010:

...was rather less hospitable than the summit in 2014 (thanks for the photos Paul):

Especially if you look at it from further away (thanks for the photo Nikki):

I'm done with skiing now, it's time to start riding bicycles. Or more precisely, increase the amount of bicycle riding within the system. We're all part of the system.