Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Triple trio

I am still spending most of my time working on us having a kitchen again some day soon... but we did get out for a rather strenuous bike ride on Saturday. Paul did a very nice job of writing about that here.

As I have a few minutes before I have to ride my bike over to Home Depot again to get some exciting washing machine hose fittings (the fun really never stops), here are a few photos of the progress so far. With the carpentry voodoo of Marc, and some creative thinking, we might just have a kitchen that works again some time this week. If the new stove shows up that is...

In the beginning there was this, which I never really liked and took up too much space.
I started selling bits of it and dismantling the rest.
Before long, we didn't have much of a kitchen left.
Add some colour, lose some more appliances.
Lose the last of the old cabinets, the stove, and the washing machine (and the sink... which is a bit inconvenient).

New Ikea (oh no!) cabinets and Andrew/Marc-made shelves.

To be continued soon, I hope.