Friday, August 12, 2011

The clock don't stop for no-one

I can't work out whether that means the clock does stop, or if it makes no sense at all...  but that is the situation we found ourselves in today. Conor cut it down to the wire with some last minute frame finishing, whilst I fiddled around fixing a few of my mistakes and we both walked away with frames that we made ourselves. It's pretty amazing.

The UBI course was excellent and we both really enjoyed the company of our classmates and instructors. It's been a fantastic 2 weeks and I hope the first of many frames Conor and I produce on opposite sides of the Atlantic. From travelling and working on my favorite form of transport, Now I'm to start an epic overnight voyage by one of my least favorite as I fly all over North America to get to Ottawa for tomorrow morning. The reason for travelling is a happy one though... I'll be re-united with Lina after a month of being on separate adventures and celebrating Asta and Derek's wedding. Party time!

"Kermit" sunning himself in the parking lot

 Our instructor Paul has both great experience and a sense of humor...